It is a system that allows electronic verification of the ID card with both password and biometric data. Türksat A.Ş. has become an Approved Identity Verification Service Provider in verifying that the ID card is issued by the authorized institution, which is an extremely critical process.

Of the system; It has many areas of use such as law, banking, health, transportation, sports, tourism, mail / cargo, education, local governments and culture.

What Does EIVY Guarantee?
Determination of Authorization to Issue Identity Cards
Determination of Authorization to Issue Identity Cards

A verification process is carried out on the system to ensure that the identity card given to our citizens is issued by the authorized institution.

Authentication Process
Authentication Process

Through the system, it is possible to determine where, when, by whom and why the identity verification process was carried out.

Having an ID Card
Having an ID Card

It is possible to determine whether the citizen has an identity card or not through the system.

Serviced Location
Serviced Location

Through the system, it can be determined whether the citizen is at the place where service is provided during ID card verification.

What Added Values Does Getting EKDS Service from Türksat A.Ş. Provide You?

e-Government Gateway operating experience

Fast Adaptation

Quick adaptation to regulatory regulations

Project Management

Project management approach at international standards

Data Center

Data management experience in the most critical sectors

Call Center

Call center, help desk, on-site support service experience


A provider that has undertaken e-transformation projects of more than 500 public institutions