29 March 2017

E-Government Portal continues to make our lives easier. As a result of the work carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and Türksat, criminal record documents have begun to be provided through the e-Government Portal in four languages. Now, citizens are able to obtain their criminal record documents translated into four foreign languages, English, French, German, and Italian easily via www.turkiye.gov.tr or through the e-Government Portal’s mobile application. 

With this service, which offers ease in regards to it being accessible from the comfort of your home and dependent from working hours, citizens will no longer have to go to criminal record providing offices to obtain criminal record documents, which have been translated into foreign languages. As part of the service a total of 835 translated criminal records have been inquired about, 682 English, 50 French, 78 German and 25 Italian, between the dates of March 20-22nd 2017. 

Citizens who do not have a criminal record or archive record can benefit from this application.

To access this service, click on the following address: www.turkiye.gov.tr