05 November 2019

A course on “e-Government and Digital Transformation” is now being offered at Sakarya University in order to lend support to the academic and technical preparations of undergraduate students.

The classes, which started on 26 September 2019 under the sponsorship of Türksat, was realized with the attendance of students from the Management Information Systems department of Sakarya University Business Administration Faculty.

Besides an introduction to “e-Government and Digital Transformation,” the course will cover subjects like the history of e-government in Turkey and throughout the world, how the e-Government Portal operates, types of services, service-providing platforms, interoperability, examples of successful countries, new technologies used in the field of e-government and cyber security.    

The aim of the course is to raise awareness regarding the mentioned fields, to gain knowledge regarding other e-governments throughout the world, to create project proposals for the design and development of new services and with the improvement of these proposals new ideas will come to light, also to make students comprehend the services provided in the e-Government Portal and the process that takes place to design these services and their technical infrastructure.